Educational activities

Tour of the museum


The Cité du Lait is an ideal way for children to extend their knowledge of milk and the dairy industry. As we welcome such a wide range of visitors, we have organised the graphics in the museum so that they can be read on a variety of levels. All information is summarised in large tables, while lecterns offer more technical and scientific detail.

We have also worked with teachers to set educational aims and produce the content for teaching materials. Based on this work, we have created a brochure,  Fleurette’s story, to be distributed to all pupils.

Tailored visits

The tour route and commentary can be adapted to fit the syllabus, the ability level of the group concerned and the themes selected by the teacher.

  • Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary

School admission prices

  • Up to UK Year 9: €2
  • UK Year 10 and above: €6.50


We also have a library of around 700 titles relating to the dairy industry for those wishing to research a specific subject.